answered questions
Is this cat allergic approved too?
Hello, does this pack of egg whites contain a measuring cup? I find it difficult to weigh 4 g on a kitchen scale. Thank you for the answer 😊
Hello, will the egg whites be in stock soon? Thanks Eva
Hello, I would like to ask what is done with the egg yolks when making dried egg whites. Thank you Pája :)
Hello, when will they be back in stock? I can't even set up a watch! Thanks Lenka
Hello, when do you finish the egg whites? thanks 🙂
Can I make a protein drink with these egg whites? For example: egg whites + water + cocoa + sweetener... I want a protein that doesn't contain milk but doesn't have to be vegan :)
How many g of dried egg white and how many ml of water per egg white
I would like to ask if men can use and consume egg whites even raw?
Are you planning to expand the range to include liquid egg whites?