Vilgain Dried Turkey Biltong

53 Ratings

I've never had a better biltong

The meat's pretty tough.

Hi Šárka, we are sorry if you are not completely satisfied with the product. If you feel that there is something wrong with it, please feel free to contact us with photos and batch number at, we will be happy to check your situation. Have a nice day,

Super taste

no gum, it falls apart in your mouth. I take it everywhere on my travels

It's kind of drier (logically)

Excellent as a snack on the go.

It's very good. I'm a bit uncomfortable with the consistency because it's a bit too dry, but that's more of a personal preference. But the consistency is definitely better than, say, Fine Gusto or Indiana jerky. I'd give it 4,5 stars but if I have to round it up in the rating I'd give it 5 stars. A great summer hiking snack.

Jerks are better for me :)

Very good

This is the top form of jerky for me. I don't like chewy jerky, so biltong is perfect. It's crunchy and melts beautifully in your mouth.