Vilgain Dried Beef Biltong

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...wonderfully filling. Big chunks of meat, get ready to enjoy them in your mouth for longer :)

After reading the review, I had mixed feelings and for a long time I resisted to open the package, but time and hunger drove me to open it.And I have to say that for me it was great!Even if the meat looked dried out at first glance, the appearance is deceiving. The meat had a natural taste,juicy and no long chewing. I will definitely order again.

great product

Tastes like carrion, impossible to eat.

I would like to write a review but unfortunately I can't so I'll join here. Biltong is really inedible... overdried, salty to the ground and spicy that you can't eat more than a few pieces at a time... the jerky is fine but this biltong is never more than classic jerky so this is a big disappointment.
Hi Andrea, we're so sorry to hear that the product doesn't suit you. Our jerky consists only of beef, sea salt and a blend of spices. It is also free of artificial flavors and other additives. So it really shouldn't taste like "carrion". We have therefore contacted you by e-mail and would be happy to check your situation with you. Have a nice day,

Taste good, but small pieces. But I didn't really expect bones in there.

Hi Jana, we are glad you like the product. The bones should not be in our jerky. We've got a message in the mail for you and we'll look into your experience together. Have a nice day,

It looked to me more like crushed dust and a few pieces of meat :-(

Hi Alice, we are sorry to hear that you are not completely satisfied with the product. The product should definitely not look like crushed dust. There's a message from us in your e-mail. We'd be happy to follow up with you about your experience. :-). Have a nice day,

Spicy enough for me.

This jerky is a great snack. I was surprised by its taste when I compare it to other jerky. This one is crunchy😊

Beautifully crispy, great taste.

I love this jerky!