Vilgain Dark Chocolate Coated Bananas

26 Ratings

The banana is pleasantly smooth, the combination with dark chocolate is VERY TASTY.

That's it! You are expecting the usual dried banana in chocolate and it's a banana in chocolate :) great sweetness.

It's delicious and you can't help but eat it sitting down, but the price :-)

Very good stuff, although perhaps a little sweeter than it needs to be for my taste.

This?! This is something so amazing! I love it!!! Just the price, ugh... 🙁 I understand that the production cost is also high, the product is high quality, but... Ten blankets for a hundred? That's too much.🙁

I rarely use the word perfection, but in this case I can't think of another word that could better describe this product. Balanced taste, simple and pure composition, soft texture... A real treat!

lambada dancing on the tongue 🕺

Simply enthusiastic. Hardly a "caustic" product😊

Big surprise... tasty, not overcooked

Pretty good for me. Tasty, but I was expecting a bit more soft and supple.