Vilgain 87 % Baking Protein

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Hello. I understand that this protein is flavorless and especially can I use it for baking savory pastries? Thank you in advance for the answer.
good evening, I do not know if I understand correctly, the protein for baking replaces up to 30% of the flour and that means that if I bake a bun with whole wheat flour for example about 100g so I can reduce the flour and supplement it with protein, or not to reduce the flour and add protein to it. Thank you
Hello, is it also a grassfed protein?
Good morning, what is the difference between this protein and this 81%? :)
Hello, when will the product be back in stock?
Hello, I have not found information about the lactose content anywhere, only that it is reduced, please provide this information.
Hello, can I ask you for the recipe for muffins with cream in the video?
Hello, can it be consumed separately with water? Or do you not recommend it because of the taste?
Hello, please when will it be back in stock?
Hi, can I use this protein while breastfeeding? Thank you