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Vilgain Organic Goji Berries Dried
Vilgain Organic Goji Berries Dried ⁠–⁠ superfood without added sugar, unsulphured, rich in vitamins
150 g

What is goji?

Goji is the fruit of the Chinese currant bush, which is popular in Eastern medicine for its effects. Nowadays, goji berries are considered a so‑called superfood due to their high nutrient content. Goji contains a wide range of amino acids, minerals and vitamins (the vitamin C content is up to 50 times higher compared to an orange). They are also one of the richest sources of beta‑carotene.

Although it is possible to grow the curcurrant bush in our conditions, the nutrients contained in these fruits are not nearly comparable to Chinese or Himalayan goji. Dried goji berries from eastern countries are most commonly available.

Effects of goji

Goji berries are known as longevity berries because of their very strong antioxidant properties, which slow down cell ageing. Goji can continue to:

  • support the functioning of the immune system,
  • improve eye health and skin quality,
  • positive effect on stabilising blood glucose levels,
  • support mental health,
  • improve overall physical and mental stamina.

Unless the recommended dosage is exceeded, no side effects have been observed with long‑term use of goji.

Goji and weight loss

Goji berries are sometimes credited with miraculous effects in weight loss efforts. Although goji berries contain around 21 % fibre, have a low glycaemic index and can in some way support athletic performance, it should be remembered that goji should only supplement the diet and not form the basis of it. It is therefore more sensible to follow the general recommendations for a healthy diet, or to lose weight and target the energy deficit.

Taking goji

Dried goji berries are recommended to be consumed in quantities of 20‑30 g per day, which corresponds to approximately one handful of berries. Goji berries can be eaten on their own, added to porridges or mixtures with nuts and seeds, or used to garnish desserts. Goji can also be used to make tea, smoothies or as a syrup for lemonade

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