answered questions
Hello, I would like to ask if the 6-pack will be available again? Have a nice day :)
Are FADs used in the fishing of these tuna?
Hello, when will the tuna be back in stock? 🤗
I want to ask what is the price, since the product is sold out and the price is not showing me. Thank you
Hello I would like to ask if the product is sterilized? Thank you for the answer with regards Vojtěch Čermák
Hello, may I ask why this tuna has such a high amount of fat per 100g when the ingredients are only tuna, water and salt? is this a mistake or is there something extra added...? Thank you for the answer
Hello, what is the expiration date for this product? I usually only make an order from Aktin once every two months, so I wanted to ask if it would last this long on an order that doesn't actually have an expiration date. Thank you, AS.
How do you eat tuna like that? I'm sorry, are there bones in it? And how much does one serving contain EPA and DHA, please?