Vilgain Grass-Fed Whey Protein

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You can taste hazelnut more than chocolate, and what a smell it has. 😍 est really tasty. 😋

Unfortunately, they didn't sit well on my stomach....the taste is quite good....they just made me sick to my stomach....but a personal matter... I'd rather buy another brand

The taste is good, not aggressive, but at the same time sufficiently pronounced. Easy to mix in everything. Personally I recommend hazelnut :P.

Super protein in terms of quality/price ratio. I wouldn't say the taste is chemical, the solubility is quite good and the flavours match. For me, a great option if you're looking for something of higher quality than a classic protein.

The composition is great, the solubility too, but the taste just isn't. The smell of stevia and the consistency is minimal. Some people may like it, but I don't.

Great taste

I tried Grass-Fed once, but it still made lumps in my shaker even after long mixing.So I went back to the classic Vilgain Whey protein. Banana is the #1 flavor.

Great taste.

We bought the vanilla one, tastes good, but unfortunately it gives all the family members brutal diarrhea, even though we are not sensitive to it. Not a good quality product, sorry.

Hello, we are very sorry that you are not feeling well after using this product. We have sent you a message by e-mail, please fill in the required information. Thank you.

Great 👍 I recommend