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An amazing snack when there's no time to prepare something more.

A soft bar, so it didn't taste much like coconut. Taste overall bland, consistency "strange". No recommendation from me.

Good, I like flapjacks.

Excellent taste, rather loose consistency

My favourite, I've tasted all the flavours and add one to my order almost every time. :)

Excellent, very tasty bar.

I'm a nut butter lover and the flavor of arasidove butter is TOP. However, pecans are a great competitor, I can't rate which one is better, they are both great! 🤩

Very sweet, but the nut flavour is excellent.

Soft just sweet enough (pear/honey is the sweetest of all the flavours) gives you a quick energy boost, perfect pre-workout snack :)

Coconut is my favorite, but as a quick snack they are all great :)