Vilgain Edible Cookie Dough

527 Ratings

Very good, but I think I prefer the classic peanut butter.

Total heaven in your mouth

Very sweet for my taste

Very yummy

For me the best I've ever eaten 👍

luxurious luxury

Oh god, I've never had better peanut butter 🙈 the slogan on the lid - easy to open, hard to close has a great meaning, to close this butter requires real discipline (....which I don't want to practice at all 😅)

I love brownies, overall all the butters from Vilgain have been absolutely TOP, but this flavor was quite disappointing. The flavor is good, really very chocolatey, but the consistency is very disappointing, the butter is completely solid. Compared to bigboy's brownies, which is liquid and really luxurious, this doesn't compare.

Hi Denise, thank you for your honest review. This product is not traditional nut butter, but cookie dough in a jar. In addition, it also contains oat flour and therefore may have a stiffer consistency than you are used to with standard butters. Have a nice day,

I love brownies, but unfortunately this is not it, I recommend salted caramel:)

The most amazing cookie dough I've ever had!!!😍❤️ (I buy to stock up)