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The shaker is difficult to close. It is very often leaking. The threads are ill-fitting to each other.

Small size but works well with the recommended serving amount .

The shaker is nice, but it doesn't leak.

Hi Pavla, thank you for your feedback. We're sorry if your shaker is leaking. However, it's designed not to leak a drop. So if you feel the product is not working well, feel free to contact us along with photos at podpora@aktin.cz, we'd be happy to look into it with you. Have a nice day.

Absolutely the cutest shaker 😍 there are a lot of complaints in the reviews about the closing.. I'm fine with it 😁... I'll get some more on my next order, you can never have enough shakers and this one is totally awesome 😁😁😍

I'm quite satisfied, but the lid could be designed better - it is screw-on and sometimes the grooves do not fit properly and it has to be closed repeatedly to really seal (I notice it from the first time I washed the shaker in the dishwasher, maybe there was a small scratch on the plastic)

I think it has too fine a thread on the lid and especially on the small cap. I happen to have it off thread and it leaks when shaking.

Hi Radek, we are very sorry that you are not completely satisfied with the shaker. The gasket should be really tight so that not a single drop leaks from the shaker. You have a message from us in your email, we would be happy to look into your situation together. Have a nice day.

It leaks at all possible joints, I returned the product without any problems

Hi Tadeáš, we tried the shaker after returning it and it didn't leak 😊. However, we have resolved the complaint with you. Have a nice day.

fits perfectly in my purse and it's incredibly cute 🥹

I bought the black one and it's almost opaque, so you can't practically see the measuring cup. I have to measure my water in another container. That's very disappointing.

will not disappoint :D