answered questions
Hello, is the cap compatible with the pro2go shaker? I bought it but after a month of use the cap broke. So I would take this smaller one and use its cap.
Hello, what material is the shaker made of. Is it safe for health?
Hello, can I put the shaker in the dishwasher or not?
Hello, what material is the spiral made of please? Thank you.
Hello, could I ask if the POP shaker will be back in stock?
Hi, are shakers normally available in stores? :) Thank you very much
Hello, does the shaker have creases (100ml, 200ml....)?? I can't tell from the photo.
What are the dimensions of the 400 and 600 ml shaker?
Hello, after using the shaker for 1 month the lid broke when I opened it. I need to buy another shaker but I am afraid of the quality. Do you think it was an isolated event? Thank you
Hello, when will the shaker in lilac be in stock, thank you.