Vilgain Plant Based Protein

295 Ratings

I can't stand the taste of protein, I don't drink it for the taste, but this is probably one of the worst I've had. It's hard for me to finish it. Too bad, I definitely won't order it again. That's why I give it 2 stars- just for the good ingredients but for the not so bad taste.. Biotech vegan, nutred are taste much better. Probably few flavors in this is....

Great composition. The vegetable version never tastes great, but I still enjoyed it. I used it as a drink and for baking

Unfortunately, I don't like

taste good

For me, the taste of vanilla is excellent, not too sweet, overall it is pleasant. I also have no problem with the solubility, the lumps never stay in the shaker. I rate the ingredients very positively, which is also one of the reasons why I buy this particular protein.

I tried it for the first time today and I can't drink it. If anyone wants one, I'll pass it on. It's only missing 60 grams.

I mix it with fruit and I'm satisfied. The taste is not delicate, but it's ok. I think the effect it performs. I recommend it.

Unfortunately, but terrible in taste - it is practically impossible to drink it. Tried with milk, plant milk, even with chocolate-flavored milk and in no configuration is it good. I won't mention mixing with water because it's impossible to drink. I've tried various plant proteins and this is by far the worst (the aftertaste as if you were eating "cement"). I do not recommend it.

The taste of Decathlon is much better, it also dissolves better. This one I often had to blend with a blender. The smell after drinking and the streams did not like it very much:/

compared to other proteins we have had it is darker, we were scared at first what we ordered, but it really is vanilla