Vilgain Multi Purpose Cleaner

92 Ratings

Smells nice, cleans what I need, doesn't irritate my skin.

The scent is a blast, perfect for mint lovers. I always take it on the liner and other surfaces as a finishing touch and it scents the room beautifully at the end of the cleaning.

I was quite surprised that it doesn't foam like other products, overall satisfaction, smells nice, anyway, for me it is absolutely TOP for windows - without a single smudge.

I like the product itself, but anyone has the same problem as me that it's leaking out of the package?

I don't like the dispenser keeps spinning

Hi Dana, I've reached out to you in an email to check out the dispenser together :). Have a nice day

Completely dysfunctional. It doesn't clean anything. Really nothing! Smells nice, that's all.

Hi Rostia, thank you for your feedback. We would be very glad if you could write us more information about the use of the product in your e-mail: We would also be happy if you could tell us what you have used the product for. We would be happy to review it together. Have a nice day 😊.

Amazing scent!

Non-aggressive scent and as a mother of children I appreciate that. Excellent cleaning

smells very nice

Excellent cleaner. It cleaned my shiny kitchen perfectly.