Vilgain Glass Water Bottle

185 Ratings

ideal for travelling

The cap smells very much of plastic.

I have been using it for several months. So far without problems. I recommend.

Absolutely great bottle, I carry it everywhere, appreciate the packaging.

Best bottle I've ever had!

i was hoping it to have a wider neck, it's not really that big

Unfortunately, the same thing happened to me that happened to another lady in the reviews. The entire bottom broke off, leaving the regular ring and the rest of the bottle. It must be some sort of manufacturing defect because I hardly carry the bottle anywhere (I work from home), I've only used it realistically a few times. And when I do, it's obviously only in packaging and with care. Now I went to the library and was mega lucky the books didn't catch it tight.

Hi Iveta, we're sorry if the bottle is not in order. You have a message from me in your email to check the product. Have a nice day

The bottle is very nice, but I didn't really like the cap, namely the seal, it has a strong smell of cheap plastic. Fortunately, I found another cap from another bottle.

Hi, thanks for the review. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it back to us and we will check the bottle. You can submit a complaint using the form here: Have a nice day

I've had the bottle for max a month, I'm not aware that I've broken it anywhere, but the whole bottom broke off. The wrapper started breaking the very next day. I understand it's one of the cheaper ones, but the quality is really crappy.

Hi Sonia, we are sorry if the product is not in order. You have an email from us in your inbox so we can sort the bottle out together. Have a nice day

I carry it with me everywhere;)