Vilgain Almonds caramelized

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Just like those cinnamon almonds you can buy at the market. Sometimes there's too much sugar in a given package and the almonds stick together. Otherwise, it tastes like a bomb.

Not for me, they're terribly over-sweetened, but I gave them to my mom and she's thrilled with them.

Absolutely delicious almonds, the cinnamon is just pleasantly smelled, not too cinnamony. My new favorite sweet 👍🏻

Very good.

It was delicious!

The cinnamon and coconut flavoured almonds are, in a word, perfect. :) Balanced taste, crunchiness. They will definitely be in my next order. :)

Excellent! I'm chomping on them as I write this review and I can't stop :D

It's impossible not to eat at the sitting😋

Tooop!!! Great taste

Whoever can make one pack last more than 3 days is probably a master of self-control 😅 love it!