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Perfect flakes that are perfectly soft. I don't buy any others.

Best ❤️

There is no need to wait for them to "swell up". Great

I've never had fluffier oatmeal than from these flakes!

The best flakes for a minute porridge.

They swell up great and are easy to digest, probably the best flakes I've had.

The flakes taste great, but all 4 packages arrived torn and the flakes exploded all over the shipment during shipping. I don't know what inspired the decision to pack the cereal in a paper box, but unless there is a change in packaging, I will order the cereal one last time. If this is an attempt at eco-friendly packaging, then when a customer has to throw away 3 out of 4 packs because they didn't survive delivery, it's an absolute waste of food and the impact on the ecology is far worse than if you packed the cereal in normal plastic packaging like 90% of your other products and allowed customers to buy a larger, say 2kg pack instead.

Hi Erik, we're sorry to hear that your snowflakes didn't arrive quite right. We would be happy to resolve the complaint with you, so please send us photos to podpora@aktin.cz. Have a nice day.

They are great, buy repeatedly, I use in porridge, to thicken...

a simple and quick breakfast that everyone can handle just pour in water or warm milk and add any fruit

I haven't been able to eat cereal for a long time, but these are really good. Combined with peanut butter, I love them.