Jacob Ward

Favourite products

Vilgain Shaker Pro
-45 %
Weekly Offers
Vilgain Shaker Pro ⁠–⁠ with practical loop, rounded bottom and spiral for perfect mixing, does not overflow
Olive 600 ml
Vilgain Organic Dried Mango
Vilgain Organic Dried Mango ⁠–⁠ without added sugar and preservatives, from organic farming
250 g
Vilgain Tomato Sauce
-24 % – 19:54:54
Weekly Offers
Vilgain Tomato Sauce ⁠–⁠ traditional Italian tomato sauce, with extra virgin olive oil, without sugar and preservatives
Arrabbiata 500 g
Vilgain Cashew Nuts natural
Vilgain Cashew Nuts natural ⁠–⁠ crunchy snack with a sweet buttery taste, source of unsaturated fats, salt-free
W320 1000 g
Vilgain Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate
Vilgain Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate ⁠–⁠ fast-absorbing, naturally sweetened protein with minimal sugar and fat
Chocolate 1000 g
Vilgain Whey Protein
Improved recipe
Vilgain Whey Protein ⁠–⁠ high protein and BCAA content, sweetened with stevia, ultrafiltered at low temperatures
Chocolate 1000 g