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Before I had from another brand with more strains for about a similar price, vilgain packaging has a glass dark glass which I appreciate compared to the competition.

I am lactose intolerant and have had digestive problems since I was a little girl. Already after a few days of taking these tablets I feel more relief in digestion and less bloated tummy. I recommend :)

I've got strep throat right now, so I'm trying. The kids have been taking it for 2 weeks but I don't know how to tell the change.

I can't do without these probiotics, they help with my digestion

I have a less bloated belly, I recommend it

A total gamechanger - combined with digestive enzymes I finally don't feel sick and don't have a bloated tummy.

So far I'm taking them for a short time but they are easy to digest and they don't make me nauseous

I take probiotics along with digestive enzymes and I am happy. I don't experience any bloating or other discomfort.

Thanks to probiotics, my digestion has improved.

They served their purpose.