answered questions
Hello, please can these probiotics be taken at the same time as antibiotics?thank you
Hello, when is the best time to take probiotics? In the morning before meals? Or after a meal? Thank you
Hello, can I take probiotics together with Maca and Ashwaghanda?
Hello, can I take these probiotics if I am breastfeeding? This question has been asked 2 times already, but each time the answer was different. Thank you!
Hello, can an 11 year old boy take them?
Hello, can it be taken while breastfeeding?
Hello, can I take probiotics together with super greens?
Hello, which of the probiotics you offer are suitable for HIT?
Hello, for what reason were the probiotics reformulated and chicory added? We have problems after it and the probiotics are no longer satisfactory.
Hello, I want to ask if probiotics are also resistant to the acidic environment of the stomach? Thank you for the answer.