Vilgain Plant Protein Granola

88 Ratings

The best protein granola so far, tasty, crunchy..whether in yogurt or on its own. :) I recommend

They taste great, but be careful: eat sparingly, they are very nutritious and tempt you to eat more 😀

Best flavor I've ever had!

I'm not a granola lover, but this is the best granola I've ever had...I'll definitely buy it next time 🥰

Excellent combination, it disappeared awfully fast :)

Healthy fats, chocolate, soft, what more could you ask for

I buy granola regularly over and over again, the variants I've had so far have been amazing! But unfortunately the chocolate variant doesn't taste so good anymore but more importantly it's insanely hard, unfortunately to the point of being inedible.

Hi Nicola, we are so sorry to hear that the granola with coconut, chocolate and nuts is not to your liking. If you feel that the product is not quite right, please feel free to contact us at with photos and batch number. Have a nice day,

Excellent! You can't smell the pea protein at all, just coconut in more ways than one :D combined with almonds and choco chips, it's really a bomb :)

The first time I had it it was very good, so I ordered it again, but I don't know if I had the wrong piece, but it wasn't as tasty, it was a lot harder.

Hi Eva, if you think the granola is not right, feel free to contact us with photos and batch number - Have a nice day.

OBVIOUS! Totally recommend!