Vilgain Organic Sprouted Cashew Butter

60 Ratings

I don't know how to eat it. It's as firm as paste and unpleasant in the mouth. The quality is certainly excellent.

Hello Hana, the firm consistency of the butter could be caused by low temperatures. We recommend placing the butter briefly in a warm place - for example on the radiator or in a water bath. If this does not help, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a nice day,

Absolutely amazing cashew butter!

The best butter 😊 if you don't like peanut butter so this will definitely be 😊

Excellent for oatmeal

Very delicious, creamy, love it 😍

The best cashew butter in the world!

It is excellent

Wonderfully creamy and pleasantly sweet cashew butter. :)

I have tried several cashew butters from different manufacturers, but this one from activated nuts is clearly the BEST! Compared to other cashew butters, it has a much stronger flavor and the velvety smooth consistency is incredible!

Taste fine, just didn't find it strong enough in the porridge ☺️