Vilgain Freeze Dried Dragon Fruit

83 Ratings

I don't know if it's standard but it didn't smell at all😥 like in the🦈 market 😂😂😂 so it flew into the basket and it sticks together weirdly

Hi Marta, thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry if the product does not suit you. You have a message from us in your email. We will be happy to check the purchased product for you. In such cases, always feel free to contact us with a photo and batch number. Have a nice day.

I love it in porridge. 🤍

Nice cover, great content. Can be given as a gift.

Not much, but maybe I'm just not into dragon fruit

I had high expectations but it didn't come crispy, rather moist and combined into one big chunk, a great shame.

Hi Zuzka, thank you for your honest review. This is definitely not what our freeze-dried fruit is supposed to look like. If there is anything you don't like about the product you received, please don't hesitate to contact us with photos of the product. We'll send you a message in the mail so we can follow up on your experience. Have a nice day,

The taste is a bit bland. But it's the taste of the dragon fruit itself, everything was fine with the product. Gradually used up somewhere in the porridge :)

The taste is great but it's all glued together in one big piece and there's nothing you can do about it

Hi Adela, thank you for your feedback. We're sorry 🥺. Please send a photo and batch number to, where we will check the product and sort everything out together 😊. Have a nice day.

Unfortunately, not this one for me :( The fruit came in terrible condition, it was stuck together in one big ball and couldn't even be picked. I had to cut it with scissors :( The taste is fine, but the texture is not good at all

Hi Victoria, thanks for the feedback! We've reached out to you in an email to check out the fruit together. Have a nice day

Great for munching, in a shake, or for tweaking breakfasts!

Unfortunately, it came wet 😐,although it doesn't lose its taste, but it doesn't crumble and can't be broken 😐.

Hi, we've emailed you to check out the fruit together. Have a nice day